Communication Through Play

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Communication through Play (CTP) is a multi-layered communication, language and literacy project for Early Years Foundation Stage and Keystage One in line with national directives including; Every Child Matters (ECM), Communication Language and Literacy Development (CLLD), Every Children a Talker (ECAT) and Social Educational Aspects of Learning/Development SEAL/SEAD.  The project is delivered by Dramatherapists to ensure that mental health and wellbeing were always at the centre of each intervention. This 5-stage programme uses the power of play and storytelling to support children, their parents and teachers to improve communication, confidence, and relationships with each other through the arts and improve wellbeing.  It allowed practitioners and parents/carers to observe, learn about and practise storytelling skills, and reflect on their own learning through creative techniques. Importantly, it encourages parents to become more involved in their children’s education and facilitates community integration and network development.  Each stage is designed to interlink and build on what participants have learnt as well as model aspects of parent/child or practitioner/child interaction.  The stages are:

  1. The PlayStory:  this  interactive performance is the hub of the project and is for children, their parents and practitioners.
  2. Parents Workshop: for parents only.
  3. Practitioners’ Workshop: for practitioners only.
  4. All Together Arts and Crafts:  for children, their parents and the practitioners who have attended      stages 1 and 2 for parents and 1 and 3 for practitioners.
  5. On Site Coaching: this is for practitioners who have attended the  CTP and it takes place during regular centre, school or nursery time with children in their normal settingCTP Practitioners 014CTP Practitioners 013

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