Outdoor playground

Inner city school playground  consultation

This consultation strategy included the teachers and support staff, the parents and most importantly the children.

The main themes to emerge from the consultation  were

  1. Environmental, Sensory play and risk
  2. The physical space including equipment and design
  3. The importance of non-prescriptive play
  4. Storage and clothing
  5. Involving parents

What do the children want to do outside?

Having fun, running, digging, jumping, playing with water and pretending were recurrent themes.

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What do the parents want to do outside?

Watch our children play.

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What do the teachers want to do outside?

The consultation established that the teachers and early years  practitioners wanted to use the outdoors to provide more engaging ways of delivering the curriculum, to get the children to be more active, to connect the children more closely with nature and help develop their environmental awareness, to include parents in understanding the importance of play to support learning.

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